All You Need to Know About Social Media Campaigns!

So, what is the big hype about social media and running successful campaigns?

Social media is massive – that does not need to be substantiated. In fact, social media industry reports indicate that 92% of marketers has seen a huge growth in brand awareness, which is a direct result of social media campaigns.

Let’s forget about the work that goes into managing social media platforms. And let’s concentrate on how you can execute a successful social media campaign each and every time.

Planning and Preparation

Like any good news story, the fundamental planning of a social media campaign will start with the four W’s and one H method!

What are we talking about? The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How method is how you start the planning of your next social media campaign. That’s what we’re talking about. Let’s have a look at this:

The Who – who is your audience?

In an ideal world, you would be able to appeal your campaign to every single consumer that sees it. However, this is a fallacy and has no place in planning your social media platform campaign.

You need to consider who exactly your target audience is, the demographics involved, what your aim is of the campaign, all of which we will have a look at now.

TIP: Social media platforms automatically generate valuable data that can help you start a social media campaign, target the right audience and end it successfully – even if you are a rookie.

The What – what is the social media campaign about?

The fundamental question you should be asking is what is the ultimate goal of the social media marketing campaign?

Are you launching a new product? Looking to gain brand exposure and awareness? Do you want to increase sales? These questions ultimately guide you to answering ‘the what’ of your campaign.

The When – when are you planning to launch your social media campaign?

Like everything else in life, timing is essential. How does this affect your social media campaign?

Are there upcoming holidays, special public holidays etc? Can this help or harm your campaign? If you are launching a new product – how far ahead to you intend to market the launch? Will your campaign be ongoing?

List the timing factors that could influence your campaign. Once you have a clear view of all the factors in play, you can best decide on the time to kick-start your social media campaign.

The Where – Where will the campaign be taking place?

Will your campaign focus on an in-store promotion, for example? Or will the campaign intend to drive traffic in a digital form – ie online shop, blog, landing page or alike?

The answers to these questions help you guide not only the content of your social media campaign but leads you to ‘the how’, which we will discuss shortly.

The Why – Why should your audience care about your campaign?

This is a tricky one! When one person is faced with up to 5,000 advertisements per day, why should they take the extra time to view yours?

Creativity, originality and consistency has never been as important as when getting your audience to pay full attention to your advertisements. During the course of the what and the how – you would have started understanding what your content is going to look like for this campaign.

The How – How will your execute your social media campaign?

Now you need to start mapping out your posts. Map out your content calendar and start developing your posting plan.


Start Posting

Once you have finely tuned all the details of your social media campaign, you can start the posting. Stick to the plan! But also leave room for some adjustments throughout the campaign.

Most social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others offer metric tools, which helps even a rookie stay ahead in terms of monitoring the overall campaign.

The power of social media is something every business should harness. In a digitally competing world, if you do not have a social media presence, you are not only lacking in fostering brand loyalty with your customers but also losing out on the sales that go along with it.

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