How Should a Business Handle Negative Facebook Reviews?

Almost every single person has Facebook and every business that knows how to do well in marketing has a Facebook page. Facebook allows you many benefits as a business.

Benefits of having a Facebook Business Page

Brand awareness

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Facebook allows you to gain exposure and reach your target audience.

Drive website traffic

By having a webpage link on your business page you can easily drive traffic to your website. This method is very convenient for the client.

Targeted Advertising

You can target your advertising by demographics, based on your age, gender and interests. This allows you to reach your target market more easily.

Competitions and give away’s

Use Facebook likes and comments as potential leads for sales. Drive up likes by holding Facebook competitions, you can also use this to gather information for your data base.

Customer service and feedback

Easily gather customer feedback and communicate with your customers directly.

This platform has many benefits but just as two-way communication can be very beneficial for your business it can also be a platform for disgruntled customers to give your business a negative review in a very public way. It is very important how you handle a customer’s negative Facebook review as your response could influence potential customers in a negative or a positive way.

Don’t delete a negative Facebook review

Some business owners argue that you could just delete the bad review but this is not advisable as this could potentially hurt your business even more. If the customer calls you out on deleting their review they will be even angrier than before. They will feel like you don’t care about their feedback and that you don’t want to rectify the situation. They could then contact Yelp or tweet about your business and makes things 10 times worse. So how should a business handle a negative Facebook review?

How a business should handle a negative Facebook review

Change the conversation

The client has let you know that they are unhappy about something and they are normally very angry and upset. Don’t try to shift the blame, instead apologize sincerely and invite them to come back and show them that you can do better. Get to the bottom of the problem and rectify the situation. When a customer complains it helps you find out about problems you might not have known about otherwise.

Show off your customer service

When you respond positively to a negative Facebook review it will show other potential customers how much you care about your clients and that you are willing to admit if there is a problem and go the extra mile to rectify the problem. Thank the customer for visiting and for taking time to provide you with feedback.

Reassure the client

Make sure the client feels heard and explain how you are going to fix the problem or how the problem is being dealt with.

Make the customer feel appreciated

After thanking the client and inviting them back, you should give them a free meal or offer a discount or free product to make them feel appreciated. Even the most upset client will calm down if they feel heard and appreciated.

To manage negative Facebook reviews you should check your Facebook daily and make sure that you rectify the problems that are complained about. If more than one client complains about the same thing in a Facebook review this can cause even more problems for your business.

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