Why should small businesses use email marketing?

You have done it! You have finally started that lurking business venture you have been meaning to. Now what? How do you get the ‘word’ out that you have reached this new-found milestone?

There is only one way: Marketing!
Sounds simple right? Well, not to small businesses and new ventures that start off with little-to-no capital. Marketing funds might be low, and social media is fantastic but you have perhaps now come to the point where very personalised marketing is required to reach new business heights.

We have one word for you – email marketing!

It is an online marketing method that is well within the reach of almost every small business. As an online marketing technique, email marketing offers you something that drives sales as you are able to reach your target audience at a time that is convenient for them through a medium (email) that is convenient for them.

Five real reasons every small business should consider email marketing

1. It is a cost effect marketing technique

Small businesses do not have the investment options that many bigger businesses hold. An active email marketing campaign helps you get a message across to a large audience without the price tag associated with such mass marketing.

2. Get your target audience right

To deliver a marketing message to your audience effectively – and drive traffic, sales, build brand awareness (whatever your goal is set to be) is exactly what email marketing can offer you. Consumers respond to email marketing as it allows them to view it in their own time, in their own space without being forced to view marketing messages.

3. There is no timing issue with email marketing

It takes only a few seconds to reach an audience of thousands with email marketing. It is probably one of the fastest methods of mass marketing. Another great benefit of email marketing is that you are able to view the results instantly. There is no delay in monitoring the success of your email marketing campaign.

4. Easy to manage and low staff requirement

Small businesses often do not have dedicated marketing departments. Email marketing does not require many employees, and in many ways is a self-regulating form of marketing. Email marketing include features such as subscriptions, auto database updating and more. This makes it cost effective and easy to manage as a marketing technique.

5. Personalised marketing has never been this easy

Email marketing allows small business to personally communicate with potential customers as well as the existing customers. What makes email marketing effective? The personal affiliation it gives you access to. The fact that you can directly address each and every customer by name is a good example thereof. Email marketing is a viable marketing tool for small businesses as well as multi-million Rand corporations.

The beauty of it is – it is accessible and affordable for small businesses to use as a marketing tool.

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