5 Effective Digital Marketing Techniques & Why They Work

Marketing is not a concept that is unheard of to the general public. Marketing is not even something that is restricted to businesses alone in this day and age.

Most individuals are marketing themselves on popular social media platforms daily. Every time you update your profile photo on Facebook, share a selfie on Instagram or post a tweet, you are effectively marketing yourself.

With the improvement and progression of technology, businesses are focusing on more modern marketing approaches to promote their products and services. Simply put, digital marketing is defined as advertising through digital channels. These channels include social media, search engines, websites, and mobile applications.

But what digital marketing techniques are the most popular and effective for modern businesses and why do they work?

This article will examine the following five digital marketing techniques and assess their effectiveness:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Remarketing
  • Cloud Technology in Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whenever you find yourself looking for information, news or a product the first thing you do is open up Google. The keywords that we use when typing in our search influence the results that we obtain. This is why businesses need to master the use of these frequently used keywords to maximize the clicks that their website receives.

SEO is one of the most important factors to consider in digital marketing. By optimizing your content your website will receive more visibility. Search engines, such as Google, rank highly optimized content higher on search engine pages than those that are poorly optimized. The first five results on a search obtain 67% of the clicks. You want your website to be on that first page.

To be one of those five, you need to create good quality content that flows and makes use of frequently used keywords. Once you have mastered SEO, you are on the right path for excellent digital marketing.

Website Optimization

As soon as you see a new product on TV or hear about a new business, the most likely inclination will be for you to start a Google search. As a more technologically advanced society, we rely on the Internet for information.

The face of the business is no longer the business itself but rather its website. If a website is poorly optimized or not user-friendly it will reflect badly on the image of the business.

This is why website optimization is just as important as SEO. By adding keywords, phrases and image tags to your website, you will make it more accessible to a search engine and, thus, more likely to receive clicks.

Social Media

Social media has become a large part of everyone’s life. As stated earlier, social media has become a means for self-marketing. Facebook recorded a total of 2.3 billion active accounts in 2018. This leaves a large market open for businesses to market their products to which was previously unimaginable – and that is only one social media platform.

Current customers will be likely to follow a specific brand on social media and recommend the product or service to those who follow them thus creating a vast spectrum for digital marketing.
If used correctly, social media can be used to reach new markets and maintain current ones. It would be a wise idea to open social media accounts on all current popular platforms and use it as a means to promote your products and services.

One of the great things about social media is that you can create links to your social media pages on your website for viewers to follow creating even more exposure.


With social media becoming more and more prominent, new digital marketing techniques are being developed around it.

One of such techniques is remarketing. When a user views a product or service on a website, this data is tracked in their cookies. These cookies are then used to create new adverts on similar websites.

If the viewer did not respond to your advert on their first viewing, by remarketing it they might become interested.

Remarketing promotes brand awareness and increases ‘conversation’ with your prospective customers. The more the business ‘speaks’ with their prospective customers, the more likely they will be to purchase the product or service.

Cloud Technology in Marketing

Cloud computing has revolutionized data storage for individual users as well as businesses. It allows data to be stored and accessed via the internet instead of a physical hard drive.

Marketers have begun using this technology to market their products and services by making use of integrated digital experiences.

The digital experience refers to the interaction between the customer and organisation that is only possible because of digital technology. Marketers work hand-in-hand with cloud technology to target customers through social media pages and online portals.

Cloud marketing allows the business to reduce the cost of print marketing and sends the strategic promotional content directly to consumers through digital platforms. Not only does this allow for a more efficient marketing approach but it is also more economical.

With the advancements in technology, marketers have been forced to evolve their marketing strategies. Social media and the likes have provided marketers with highly effective digital marketing techniques that are not only more effective but also more economical.

Digital marketing is the future of marketing and businesses should find ways to properly integrate these techniques into their marketing plans. The future of marketing lies in the eager palms of billions of digital users.

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