Designing bulletproof digital marketing solutions, around the uniqueness of your business.

Forever growing curiosity and a well-cultivated passion for the digital marketing industry is what has turned CURIOSITREE into a diverse digital marketing agency that has the ability to offer you a variety of services to promote business goals and growth.

Let’s start with our two very central goals…

We do more of uniqueness and less of standard

Designing ‘bulletproof’ digital marketing solutions, distinctively around the uniqueness of your business, is a primary goal.

We do so with some passion, flair and sophistication

At CURIOSITREE, we believe that not all those who wander are lost – thus – we like to explore the latest digital marketing trends. Especially since we have become masters of the tried and tested.

Truth be told because we take the time to get to know you, our client, and your business we get what needs to be done!

Apart from a reveled passion, and one ace team – we have developed a blueprint to help businesses reach their digital marketing needs while placing a strong emphasis on customer relationships.


At CURIOSITREE, we like to be on the same page as our clients to create and mobilize a digital marketing vision, and plan that guarantees success.

What’s the secret to us always raising the bar – well, it’s our CURIOSITY. It is how we stay ahead of the game – it’s that simple.

Engaging client relationships

We believe that we can best serve our clients if we take the time to get to know them, their business, and their specific digital marketing needs.

Hard work, passion and curiosity

The CURIOSITREE team likes to keep things on the roll – so hard work spiced with passion is the order of the day.

A team of crackerjacks

As the saying goes – ‘no man is an island’… This is something we value at CURIOSITREE. We understand that our star team is what makes the work we do – possible.

Member of the Business Women Association of South Africa